Small Bathroom Makeover – Design Ideas for Maximizing Space

Small Bathroom Makeover – Design Ideas for Maximizing Space

Make the most of a small bathroom space by investing in budget-friendly upgrades that will create a relaxing oasis. Paint and other inexpensive updates can transform its aesthetic and increase home value significantly.

Mirrors are an effective way to visually expand a room, and even extend it over the toilet for added effect. In addition, consider switching to pocket doors which save floor space.

Neutral Colors

One of the best bathroom design tips is to keep your color palette neutral. Light colors visually expand a small room, as well as providing natural lighting in bathrooms without much natural sunlight. Popular white paint hues like Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (shown here) and Ice Gray work well when combined with wood furniture, rugs and mirrors.

If you’re feeling adventurous when choosing bathroom colors, why not experiment with warm brown shades like those seen here on lifestyle blog Pillow Thought? Their pink tint creates an impressive combination when coupled with white accents and vintage cabinets.

Sky blue makes an eye-catching statement in powder rooms as much as it does bedrooms, especially when combined with shimmering accents such as Arent & Pyke’s golden wallpaper and fixtures in this lovely bath. A mirrored vanity and silver-framed wall art reflect light to make the space seem larger.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to make any space feel larger is with mirrors, as demonstrated in this innovative bathroom remodel by Mademoiselle. By replacing a bulky vanity with a dual sink console and hanging an attractive circle mirror, this space feels much more open and airy.

Tall mirrors tend to be more effective at visually expanding a small bathroom than short ones, as hanging them above the basin also helps spread natural light around.

Add an extra touch to your mirror by framing it with an eye-catching capiz shell design like this one from TheSweetestDigs. Their naturally iridescent finish reflects and lights up the room beautifully, creating a gorgeous statement piece suitable for modern bathrooms as well as farmhouse-inspired spaces.

Creative Storage Solutions

Although many bathrooms have limited cabinet space, clever storage solutions can increase efficiency without an extensive remodel. A towel rack doubles as decorative wall art in this bathroom by designer Henderson; or try hanging a metal wire basket above a bathtub to store all essentials while drawing attention upward to visually expand a narrow room.

If you decide to incorporate cabinets in your bathroom, sliding or pocket door designs might be worth considering as these don’t require extra room for opening and won’t hit into fixtures such as toilets or walls when closed.

Addition of a shelf above the toilet can be an efficient and simple way to increase storage. Choose between wide or narrow designs; wide designs work best for holding artwork, cleaning supplies and cleaning tools while narrower shelves work great for holding towels or beauty products. In any event, make sure that it does not protrude too far into the room and become a safety hazard for children.


One of the best design tricks for a small bathroom is making sure all its surfaces reflect light. Darker finishes can close in a room, so opt for light surfaces in order to open it up and make your space feel larger and brighter. Add luxurious materials like marble vanity tops, sink basins or floor tiles for added glamor!

Installing pocket doors instead of traditional hinged ones is another effective way to open up any room, as seen in this remodel project from Boxwood Avenue. Pocket doors don’t obstruct useful space behind toilet, shower and storage areas than regular hinged doors would, giving more usable area behind these items than would otherwise be available through traditional options.

Small bathrooms don’t need to be colorless spaces; however, adding color without crowding out your limited square footage can be challenging. A great way to achieve both practicality and beauty in this space is with an effective color strategy: paint the walls a muted hue before injecting some visual interest with vibrant red towels or an eye-catching soap dispenser.

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