Kitchen Couture – High-End Design Ideas for the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Couture – High-End Design Ideas for the Heart of Your Home

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Transform your home with luxury interior design that expresses who you truly are and speaks directly to your soul.

Marble and gold add luxurious textures that create a sophisticated atmosphere in kitchens. Combine their colors with darker tones for visual contrast.

Spruce up your kitchen with custom features like wooden beams or chandeliers from Kitchen Couture appliances available at Catch. Their secure shopping experience provides added peace of mind.


Turquoise, known for being an effective truth-seeker stone, brings courage, strength and calmness to its wearers. Additionally, turquoise may help improve communication – something valued by Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Turquoise is most often seen used as an ornamental stone in jewelry and other decorative objects, although its use as an ingredient of ancient Egyptian tomb decorations was not uncommon either. Mined throughout ancient Egypt, China and the US Southwest; later introduced into Medieval Europe via Persian artisans.

Natural materials, such as dyed howlite and magnesite (with naturally occurring webbing), can mimic turquoise. Be wary if these materials are being sold as turquoise; in such instances it would be prudent to question your seller.


Mid-century styles remain a shining example of timeless elegance in today’s ever-evolving design trends, boasting both sculptural shapes and clean lines that define this style while adding interest through pops of color or natural wood elements.

Showcase an Iconic Piece: Hoyos advises investing in one iconic piece of furniture as the focal point for your room, whether that means investing in a sleek sofa or vintage Eames chair.


Asbury Kitchen & Bath Gallery assists clients in selecting tile, wall finishes like nickel gap or board and batten, kitchen hardware, under cabinet lighting fixtures and more for their projects. From start to finish, their team ensures every aspect is flawlessly executed.

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As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. That sentiment rings particularly true in the kitchen where family and friends come together for meals and memories. To capture this sentiment perfectly, incorporate heart-shaped design elements into your space to add a luxurious feel and reflect this idea of where home lies.

Kitchen Couture’s high quality kitchen appliances, available online at Catch!, bring luxury into the kitchen. From induction cookers to digital food dehydrators, these products will help you explore more eco-friendly methods of cooking.


Two-tone cabinets are more than a passing trend. By mixing different saturations of one hue for an eye-catching graduated tonal effect, or choosing colors from opposite corners of the color wheel to complement each other and create striking visuals, two-tone cabinets create an eye-catching aesthetic and impactful design elements.

Add depth and emotion to your kitchen with earthy hues that appeal to the senses. Pair them with wooden elements for an aesthetically pleasing environment that engages all five senses visually and tactilely.

Natural Materials

Natural materials add instant charm and luxury to any kitchen design, not to mention adding significant resale value.

Consider reclaimed wood for an industrial feel, bamboo or eucalyptus kitchen islands for sustainability in high traffic areas, or consider eco-friendly reclaimed stone as another viable solution.

Use pebble or stone backsplashes, countertops and cabinets for a rustic aesthetic that complements both modern and traditional cabinet styles. Or plant an indoor herb garden for added greenery in your space.


Add an extra luxurious touch to your kitchen with the addition of luxurious textures such as velvet or boucle fabric. From velvet to boucle, textures bring sophistication and warmth into a room that may otherwise feel cold.

Muted colors also exude luxury when used correctly. Selecting neutral hues will help create a clean and modern aesthetic; or add pops of color with custom lighting or stunning backsplash tiles.


Chandeliers have come a long way since being considered items reserved only for nobility; today they’re an essential lighting fixture found in every household. Lighting designers continue to explore ways in which chandeliers can add visual interest or provide illumination; many now experiment with various shapes, materials and finishes in order to produce something witty or artistic.

For optimal results, select a chandelier that perfectly complements the dimensions and ceiling height of your room. A general rule states that fixtures should cover approximately one-fourth of the largest dimension in the space they adorn.

Rustic Glam

Rustic Glam is an appealing blend of rustic and glamour. To achieve this look, combine textured wood elements, shimmery metals, and brushed brass accents into high-end designs with clean lines to achieve an upscale aesthetic that feels both elegant and sophisticated.

An eye-catching piece such as a reclaimed wood headboard or driftwood coffee table can set the scene for rustic glam rooms. Add extra luxe with chandeliers and metallic finishes for added flair.

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