Types of Bedroom Lighting

Types of Bedroom Lighting

There are many different types of bedroom lighting options. Some are simple, others are a work of art. Depending on the amount of reading you do, you may need only one bedside lamp, while others require multiple sources of light. When choosing the type of lighting, consider how much space your bedroom will take up, including any seating areas. Also, keep in mind how much light you need for certain tasks, including studying or working. If you spend a great deal of time reading, consider purchasing bedside lamps that are adjustable. A bedside lamp does not need to be permanent, and you can also add a decorative light to a side table.

For a smaller room, you may want to hang pendants over the bedside table. This type of light fixture is more mood-enhancing and provides adequate illumination for reading. One common mistake in lighting bedrooms is installing only overhead cans. The result is an uninviting bedroom that makes you appear older. Installing hanging sconces is a great way to add dimension to the room. This will also ensure that you have adequate lighting for reading, doing makeup, or relaxing.

If you have a traditional country aesthetic, consider using a pendant lamp with a pendant shade. An IKEA pendant light, for example, will be very popular. These pendants are often decorative and less pronounced than their modern counterparts. They won’t cast shadows on any artwork that might be in the foreground. A stylish, contemporary ceiling light fixture is the Hotel Finley 5 Light Ceiling Fitting. Made of clear acrylic, this light fixture suspends from a clear flex.

If you are going to use recessed lighting in your bedroom, consider purchasing dimmers. Not only do dimmers allow you to control the amount of light you need to work, but they can also help you wake up in the morning and set the mood. This type of light is a good option for a night-time sleep as well as a romantic getaway. You can even find a dimmer to control the brightness level, depending on your mood.

Ambient lighting reflects natural light. It is best suited for bedrooms where you need to read or do other tasks. It can be achieved by placing several different kinds of lights around the room. Ambient lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere by mimicking the natural light in the room. While task lighting is primarily used for general task-related activities, ambient lighting is used to highlight specific features of the room. A well-designed room can have all three types of light.

Adding accent lighting to the bedroom can help set the mood and add cohesion to the room. A black lamp can echo a color accented in a room palette. Or, a gold lamp can echo the stripes of pillows. By adding contrast, you can introduce new colors and textures in the space. You can also use accent lighting to highlight artwork, photographs, and closets. Incorporating these two types of lighting into your bedroom will transform its look and function.