Top 10 DIY Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can add great value to your property. But they don’t need to be costly or complicated: with some effort and creativity, you can transform your house into the dream home you always imagined without spending a fortune.

Thumbtack conducted an analysis on the top home projects homeowners plan for this summer to understand which upgrades they most desire, such as interior painting and bathroom renovations. Interior painting and bathroom remodels proved especially popular.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight key features in your yard at night, while simultaneously discouraging crime and improving security by lighting walkways and paths.

This DIY project is an easy solution for homeowners comfortable working on ladders. Or create your own mason jar chandelier by attaching them to a wire basket using chain. There are endless possibilities!

2. Landscaping

No matter your plans for selling or not, making improvements that enhance quality of life is always worthwhile. One such project that homeowners can tackle themselves is landscaping.

Make the project fun for both children and adults alike – but be careful not to overdo it: mix hardscaping with softscaping for a balanced look in your yard!

3. Window Replacement

Window replacement can be an extremely cost-effective home improvement project and significantly decrease energy bills. Old windows often lead to drafty rooms and fogging between panes of glass, leading to drafty rooms or fogging as a result of improper functioning.

Installing new windows will add curb appeal to your home and can make DIY projects far simpler; unlike woodworking projects that require advanced skillsets. Installing windows is actually relatively straightforward.

4. Kitchen Remodel

Home improvements can add substantial value to your property – particularly if you plan to sell. But major upgrades can be costly.

Remodeling a kitchen involves structural construction, such as framing changes and installing new windows and doors. Utility work may also be included such as relocating plumbing wires or updating HVAC ductwork.

Few projects can add the same pop of brightness to a room as painting does, making this DIY job ideal for homeowners comfortable working on ladders.

5. Bathroom Remodel

Even though bathroom remodels don’t rank as highly in terms of return on investment (ROI), they can still increase your home’s value significantly. By adding new fixtures, upgrading shower heads for spa-like experience and painting the room – which are all DIY projects – bathroom renovation can significantly boost its worth.

Replacing baseboards is another straightforward project that will give any bathroom an updated aesthetic. Simply make sure that all measurements and cuts of molding are accurately completed.

6. Closet Organization

Home improvements that increase closet storage can be simple and affordable home improvement projects, unlike many home remodeling endeavors that involve demolition or new wall installation.

Optimize the organization of your closets with custom shelving and drawers, using monthly divider tags for clothing or hooks with various heights to hang scarves, belts and handbags.

DIYers might consider building built-in closet organizers from scratch instead of purchasing manufactured versions; this project can also expand your woodworking skills.

7. Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures can make a major impactful statement about the character and aesthetic of your home. Simply swapping out old pendant lights in the kitchen for modern chandeliers or switching flush mounts out for wall sconces can give your room an instant facelift.

COVID-19 may have put major renovation projects on pause, but you can still undertake simple DIY home improvement projects with minimal financial commitment and great impact on your living space. These upgrades won’t break the bank either!

8. Trimwork

Trimwork is an easy and affordable DIY project that can transform the appearance of any room. Crown moulding and baseboards are accessible materials that can be installed by homeowners familiar with power tools.

No matter if or when you plan to sell your home, making some simple upgrades can add value and create a more pleasant living environment – all without needing professional contractors for help.

9. Window Treatments

Window treatments add color, texture, and privacy to a space while making it feel more finished and inviting.

Window treatment hardware can add instant style and sophistication to your home on a budget. Choose from an assortment of rods, finials and holdbacks that complement any style in order to add new window coverings quickly and affordably.

10. Painting

Even though many homeowners have taken on DIY projects during the Covid-19 pandemic, it would still be wise to consult an expert for any complex work requiring specialization; interior painting should not present too many difficulties.

Add color to any room by painting one wall a vibrant hue, or even cover up those unsightly scuffs and scratches on a front or garage door with paint to cover them up!

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