Types Of Houses And Architectural Designs

Types Of Houses And Architectural Designs

There are numerous Types Of Houses and architectural designs in America. Listed below are some of the most popular types of homes and their architectural styles. Although it can be difficult to categorize a home into a specific category, understanding the details of different architectural styles will help you better understand your built environment. To get started, read through the following sections to learn more about different types of houses and architectural designs. You can also find more information on these topics in our free eBook, Types Of Houses and Architectural Designs

Colonial style is another style of house. Colonial houses are still very popular, despite numerous re-inventions. However, you can see some distinct characteristics of Colonial style homes. These homes can be classified as either historic or modern. There are many differences between these two styles, so make sure you choose a home that is right for you. The most common features of these homes include:

Victorian style was popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s. This style is characterized by asymmetrical shapes, wraparound porches, and intersecting roofs. Houses in this style are often quite large and often lack central heating and rely on a gas boiler to heat them. Asymmetry in house shapes, large porches, and intersecting roofs were also common during the Victorian era.

Shingle style houses are also very popular along the Northeast Coast. These houses were largely refurbished and renovated in the late 1800s. Most of these houses were originally small farmhouses that were built by immigrants. Typically they had an asymmetrical shape, with many Roman and Syrian arches. These types of houses have wooden or stone siding, and they are often made of brick or stone. They also feature overhanging eaves.

Bungalow style is another style that is popular in America. Originally named after the architect Gustav Stickley, the Craftsman style is a combination of Georgian and Prairie styles. The style is most common in the Midwest, where the prairie landscape is flat. The style typically has low-pitched roofs, open floor plans, and many other features that emphasize the beauty of nature. You can find examples of these homes in Chicago.

The Cape Cod style is another popular architectural design. It was originally developed in Massachusetts in the 1700s. These houses are small, but they are built hardy to withstand the harsh New England winters. Their original style used wood siding and roof shingles, and had a central door with two windows. Many modern versions have larger windows and are more spacious than the originals. You may also see a lot of this type of home in Maryland.

Ranch style houses are also known as ramblers. These are generally single-story homes with a long horizontal footprint. This type of home became popular in the 1950s and 1960s and were attributed to California architect Cliff Mays. It quickly gained popularity and was made fashionable by Frank Lloyd Wright, who admired its simplicity and affordability. Bungalows are still popular today, with a few variations.

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