Rustic Tiny House Features

Rustic Tiny House Features

Rustic tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular, and are becoming more affordable than ever. The perfect place to start is by building a model of one yourself. A basic plan can be found on the website of a company such as Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They build homes in many different styles and sizes. For those who want to have full control over the design, they can commission a custom-built tiny house, or purchase plans and build one yourself.

For a traditional, rustic look, you can choose a model that looks like a cabin. The exterior is made from honey-toned knotty cedar and black metal siding, and the interior is just 90 square feet. You can use multiple oversized windows to let in abundant natural light. You can also find tongue and groove spruce paneling and Alpine Backwoods flooring, which both add to the cabin’s rustic charm.

A rustic style also makes a tiny house more welcoming. For example, a tiny house with open shelves allows for ample storage space. A rustic style makes the interior feel more cozy. Open storage stairs add convenience while adding a rustic vibe. The built-in couch adds both beauty and functionality. Moreover, it is possible to convert the tiny house into a bunkhouse, if you so choose. For those who want a more upscale, rustic look, a modernized design is available as well.

Another rustic-style model has a screened porch and a central fireplace. The interior has a cozy, multifunctional space, including a sink and a table. The kitchen is attached to the living room and includes an L-shaped breakfast bar with integrated storage. It also has a full-size refrigerator and a farmhouse-style sink. The bathroom is ideally located next to the kitchen. It has a shower and a vanity sink.

A second loft space has a bed, beyond the low railing. The stacked washer and dryer blend into the background, and a sliding door leads to the bathroom. The main floor area is limited, but the layout and fireplace create a spacious feel. Modern and rustic influences are combined in the interior design, including a sliding barn door, turquoise kitchen cabinets, and an ornate bathroom vanity. The home is finished with wood floors and tiled floors.

Another important aspect of a rustic tiny house is its ability to save space. An asymmetrical single-sided roof design allows easy snow and rainwater management. The addition of a skylight in the living room can give a mood-boosting dose of sunlight and make the tiny house feel brighter. Another popular feature is an outdoor shower. This is especially convenient in a secluded location. A simple curtain, however, keeps the shower private while still allowing for plenty of privacy.

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