Repainting Vs Wallpapering – Pros and Cons

Repainting Vs Wallpapering – Pros and Cons

Paint is an easier and less costly alternative to wallpaper that can produce similar looks without breaking the bank.

Painting may be your ideal solution if you have an active family that changes rooms frequently; painting provides flexibility to adapt rooms as the kids grow older and relocate rooms around them. But it is crucial that the right paint and preparation process be undertaken prior to starting any painting projects.


Paint tends to be less costly than wallpaper and easier to change should your tastes shift over time. However, you will spend both time and money prepping the walls prior to painting; this includes cleaning surfaces thoroughly before sanding them and applying primer – plus paint can get damaged easily and needing regular touch ups!

Painting offers a vast range of colors and textures, enabling you to add personalization to the look of your home by painting trim and doorways or accent walls. While wallpaper requires professional assistance for installation, painting is an easily achievable DIY project anyone can tackle themselves.

Alternatively, if you want to add texture or patterns to your walls, wallpaper may be necessary. Unfortunately, its cost can be prohibitive for many individuals and it cannot be changed without completely taking down and replacing it.

Easy to Change

Painting can be an extensive and laborious task that takes hours of prep work – including sanding and priming – before it can even start. And should your choice of color change mid-project, repainting can become both costly and time consuming.

Wallpaper can easily be removed and changed if they no longer meet your taste, with an array of textures and patterns to meet them. Plus there’s many choices of traditional as well as contemporary hues available for your choice!

Wallpaper can be affected by humidity levels in kitchens and bathrooms, making their use unadvisable in these spaces. Also, wallpaper is less resistant to heat than paints so for optimal results and product recommendations it is wise to hire professional installers to install your wallpapers for you. They will know which ROMAN products will provide long-term durability as well as meeting specific customer needs.


Repainting is an economical solution to maintain the condition of any property, and especially beneficial when renting. A fresh coat of paint can attract tenants while increasing revenues.

Painted walls offer easy maintenance, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. But the quality of paint used can have an enormous effect on its durability; low-grade paint may peel, chip, or fade quickly if selected improperly; for optimal results choose an established company using ROMAN products which offer high coverage rates and preparation services.

Starting a painting business can be an attractive venture for entrepreneurs with minimal startup capital, yet still yield a profit. However, its viability depends on many variables including market trends and competition – thus it is essential that an effective growth plan be mapped out beforehand in order to achieve sustained expansion.

Easy to Maintain

Dependent upon the style and method used for installing wallpaper, stripping it can be challenging. Paper may become damaged from chemicals or steam exposure and must be scraped off gradually to protect the wall surface beneath.

Painting requires much less preparation time than wallpapering. Whether it is repainting bare walls or covering existing paint with new colors, primer paint is often applied prior to starting and will help the new hue remain on longer and brighter than otherwise possible.

Painted and textured wallcoverings tend to be more durable than wallpaper, yet still need regular care and cleaning for dust, smudges and fingerprints from preschool markers/jelly/clay use. A simple dusting with a long-handled duster should keep any room looking its best; otherwise it may be beneficial to repaint instead.

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