How to Keep Your Home Temperature at 68-74 Degrees Fahrenheit

How to Keep Your Home Temperature at 68-74 Degrees Fahrenheit

During the winter, keeping your home temperature at 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit is important to save energy and money. Older people are especially susceptible to temperature variations. According to the ENERGY STAR, the optimal temperature for your home is between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures are dangerous and increase the risk of respiratory disease and hypothermia. People with heart and lung conditions should avoid low-temperature rooms, and should dress appropriately.

Another consideration when deciding on home temperature is its orientation. A home facing south has a higher average temperature than a home facing north. This is because southern-facing homes are in the sun for longer periods of time. However, this can lead to differences in average temperatures within the home, as rooms located in the middle of the home may receive less sunlight than those in the south. In such a situation, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to help you determine what kind of temperature would be right for your home.

To keep your home temperature at a comfortable level, try lowering the thermostat during the night. While some people prefer a cool room, others are more comfortable sleeping in a warm one. By lowering your home’s temperature in the evening, you’ll help the environment while saving money on energy bills. Aside from saving energy, you will also benefit from a more restful sleep. However, if you’re worried about the temperature in your home, consider the following:

A properly-regulated house temperature reduces energy bills. It also reduces the carbon footprint of your home. Heating and cooling accounts for 40% of US CO2 emissions, so rationally using your air conditioner can minimize your household’s carbon footprint. Keeping your house temperature at an optimal level improves your health, comfort and quality of life. Ultimately, the benefits of keeping your home temperature at an optimal level are well worth the effort. But there are several factors to consider when setting the thermostat.

The temperature of your home should be set to match the activities that you and your family perform. For example, if you’re living in a climate where summer is overwhelmingly hot and winter is mostly cold, you should set the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in your bedroom should be about 68 degrees Fahrenheit, because your body temperature fluctuates during sleep. A comfortable home temperature will also help you sleep better. It’s important to remember that your body temperature fluctuates during the night, so it’s best to lower the temperature in the morning and before going to bed.

Another important factor to consider is your comfort level. Your bedroom is especially important. A temperature of sixty to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for most people. Depending on your personal preference, however, you may want to lower it to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to lowering the temperature of your bedroom, you’ll be saving energy costs, too. In addition, a temperature of sixty to sixty-sixty degrees may be ideal for sleeping.

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