How to Decorate With Salvaged Furniture in Your Modern Farmhouse

Using salvaged furniture as decor in your modern farmhouse is a great way to add a unique touch. However, you want to avoid going overboard with this look. The furniture should be well-made and not overly distressed. Props such as old doorknobs and window frames should be kept to a minimum. Keeping the style simple is the key to a successful modern farmhouse. However, if you are trying to incorporate this look into your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

When it comes to decorating with a modern farmhouse style, the foundational furniture should be comfortable and have sleek, modern shapes. It should also have a decorative element that highlights its modern shape, such as the texture and material used. This helps to lift the overall look of your modern farmhouse. There are a variety of farmhouse decor ideas, so start planning your new space today! Just make sure to plan ahead and think of a few alternatives before deciding what you want to incorporate.

The modern farmhouse style captures the essence of an old farmhouse while incorporating modern upgrades. The modern farmhouse look infuses character and warmth into each room. Highlight a focal point in your living room, such as a fireplace. In the kitchen, an oversized kitchen island may also be a great focal point. You can use reclaimed wood to create a palette above and below. Then, add an antique sink, barstools, and a farmhouse faucet for a rustic touch.

While most modern farmhouse decor features neutral tones, you can add a touch of color and texture by mixing different types of materials and patterns. Try to combine two or three different materials, such as a terracotta table and chairs. You can also add architectural details such as exposed ceiling pipes and wood cabinets that are tarnished. And be sure to pair natural materials with white and black colors. The more natural the materials, the better.

The modern farmhouse style emphasizes natural designs and simplicity. Choose rustic wood accents for the kitchen and mix it with contemporary metal furniture. The look will be more balanced. You can even use an industrial-style light that you usually see outside, in the kitchen or living room. You can make an excellent statement with the lighting fixtures you choose for your modern farmhouse style. Some popular modern farmhouse lighting fixtures include oversized lantern shaped pendants, woven pendants, and wagon wheel chandeliers.

The traditional charm of a farmhouse can be accentuated by incorporating architectural salvage and antique pieces. An Egyptian column fragment, for example, is positioned above the fireplace in Sarah’s farmhouse. Sarah incorporated antique elements in her house because they helped add character to the space. She also placed a classic fireplace in the living room, which is visible from both the dining table and the kitchen. The use of symmetry is key in creating balance, order, and calm.

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